Whether for analog, digital or virtual product & services…

Innova-Son still on stage (nov.21) !

Would you create today a product or a service that wouldn’t be connected ??… “Communication, cloud, big-data” : are they so hot that you must integrate their features as soon as you’ve got the idea or are they just another marketing bluff that brings nothing really once on the field ?

This is exactly where we make the difference : very much impregnated from our field experience, under the heat of real productions in a Broadcast, Live or a Studio context. We’ve got down to the bones the pressure of an artist frightened while jumping on stage, of a producer who bet big on a show, the moment of raising the curtain and roll the dice, and the inevitable deadline that studio, no stage, no on-air production can avoid or postpone.
So we put the right technologies at the right place and at the right time, and not just for thrill of it.

The Trinnov technology at the core of the D-Mon Series

At the times when everybody was invoking the famous “the show must go on”, the tour manager of AC/DC caled me off to say : “No, the real thing is : the show never stops !*”. I never let go this motto since, for it says the true level of expectation any product must give, when it pretends to address the professional show people…

Innova-Son : 1st Grammy Awards in 1999