Many of you met me since I started Innova-Son in 1993, or while I was developing the business of my well known clients (Trinnov-Audio, Active-Audio,…and others more confidential).
You’ll find more about me and make contact on LinkedIn too.  You can also check out my Resume & Awards.

Depending on your needs that we may precisely define during our first meetings, I’ll handle the situation and/or will be assisted by one expert of my network. In any case, I’ll be working for you from my office in Nantes (west of France), very well connected to any airport worldwide.
Once launched the mission, we’ll make sure that a local contact will be closely following your project from a location close to your working time area, thus sustaining an effective and reactive relationship.

I’ll have also the pleasure to publish on a weekly basis articles in this blog-page, covering many of the subjects that may interest the pro-audio, the broadcast and the live-show people… and maybe more !

Broadcast, In & Out

Touring & Fixed Sound

Rec, Post & Mastering