Whether for analog, digital or virtual product & services…

Like in a mixing studio, we’ll be creating a marketing design which is very specific to your company, your products and as of today ! We will identify all the main materials that make your company and we’ll process them like record, edit, mix and in the end pass the mastering process !… sounds familiar isn’t it ?

Your targeted customers are very special people, well aware of all sorts of communication (that’s what they do for a living), so you should be ready to invoke every aspects of what you’re delivering !
You may start thinking about what we would do for you in selecting below one or more subject you’d like to address :

Existing Products
or Services

Study and review all marketing aspects and come up with specifications that will improve or renew its position in the market.

New Product
or service

Create a marketing design which takes in account all aspects of the targeted market.

& branding

Review and/or create a new communication design that’ll ensure a better perception of the brand, the product or the company.

Global Review & Design

When it comes to put everything back on the table and make a whole refurbishment of the house and the furnitures !

Trade Shows 1

Supporting your resellers on their booth with accurate product demos & trainings 

Trade Shows 2

Organizing a comprehensive trade show design, including booth placement, design, demo scripting, training, visitors gathering, etc., etc.